Moroccan (Moorish Tapas) menu

$2.90 section

_____ Khobz, خبز (house bread)*
_____ zaitoun, الزيتون (home-marinated olives)*
_____ Saffa السفة (steamed couscous with peanuts, cinnamon, sugar)*
_____ Fakiha فاكهة (oranges and grapes)
_____ Baid meslouk البيض(hard boiled eggs, olive oil, and cumin)

$4.90 section

_____ fakiha meglia فاكهة مكلية (dry fruits and roasted nuts)*
_____ Tamgaraat, تامكرعت (butternut squash with olive oil and cilantro)*
_____ Shlada , شلاظة (romaine lettuce with tomato, radishes, onions, cilantro, olive oil)*
_____ Barba, الباربا (red beets with olive oil and parsley)*
_____ Khizzou, خزو (steamed carrots with olive oil and parsley )*
_____ zaalouk الزعلوك (eggplant, tomato, olive oil)*
_____ Felfla mechouia فلفلة مشوية (grilled peppers with tomato, olive oil)*
_____ Ton welehrour الطون والحرور (tuna sandwich with Moroccan harissa and olives)
_____ Meakouda معقودة (potato and cilantro cakes)
_____ foul فول (fava beans, cumin, and olive oil)*

$5.90 section

_____ Bouzroug بوزروك (mussels in olive oil, turmeric, cilantro, and tomato broth)
_____ Cascroute بطاطا والبيض (flavorful potato and boiled egg sandwich)
_____ Khobbiza خبيزة (spinach served with preserved lemons and olives)*
_____ Shlada hloua شلاظة حلوة (romaine lettuce, oranges, dates, walnuts, pomegranate vinaigrette)*
_____ Kefta briwat كفتة بريوات seasoned ground beef pastry
_____ Serdin kouirat السردين كويرات (Sardine meat balls in spicy tomato sauce)
_____ jban wleasal الجبن والعسل ( goat cheese, walnuts and honey)

$6.00 soups

_____ Bissara بيصارة (fava bean soup)
_____ Harira الحريرة (the national soup of Morocco, hearty with beans, meat, and egg)
_____ Hsoua الحسوة (light creamy barley soup with cumin and olive oil)

$8.90 section

_____ Boustaila بوسطيلة (sweet and savory chicken pastry with almonds and eggs)
_____ Serdin mcharmel السردين مشرمل (pan-seared marinated sardines)
_____ Balah elbahr بلح البحر (Mussels and clams in a tomato and cilantro sauce)
_____ Kefta belbaid الكفتة بالبيض (Savory beef meatballs topped with eggs)
_____ Kimroun القمرون (shrimp and bean in turmeric spicy sauce)
_____ Chifroul الشفرول (cauliflower topped with eggs)

$15.90 section

_____ Rfissa, الرفيسة (Moroccan-spiced chicken with lentils and fava beans over special bread)
_____ Lsan tair لسان الطير (Moroccan orzo pasta with goat meat)
_____ Lehjal الحجل (Quail cooked with lentils)
_____ Knia belbasla قنية بالبصلة (braised rabbit with caramelized onions and raisins)
_____ Hout fi el farran الحوت في الفران (Baked whole trout, ginger, tomatoes and carrots)
_____ Tagine of the day (.....)
_____ Couscous of the day (.)

Chef fusion

-----Baked brie, honey, amaretto and almonds 8
-----Date paste, blue cheese, green apple, and sesame seeds 7
-----Stuffed artichoke bottoms in a spicy tomato and cilantro sauce 7 *
-----Garbanzo beans warm salad 7 *
-----Portobello, shitake, and oyster mushrooms on bread 9 *
-----Carpaccio of raw filet mignon, arugula, parmigiano, lemon truffle oil dressing 12
-----Asiago cheese and green apple 6
-----Arugula salad, local tomato, kosher salt and olives 7 *